I really hope 2013 is a better year for everybody (and I am not excluding myself from that either).  

I hope all the worries, sadnesses, guilts, excessive stresses, angers, frustrations, disappointments, let-downs, tears, and all the rest of the negative things people experience each day, went out the window for everybody when 2012 ended.

I hope people remember to be kind hearted and to do something nice (and unexpected!) for someone else they cross paths with as often as they can.   The world already is a hard enough place to be in now, without us complicating things more.   An act of kindness never hurts anyone.

I try to always think about others before I do myself.  Sometimes it doesnt always work – – – and sometimes I’ll offend someone else without really meaning to.  But it doesnt mean my heart isnt in the right place.   I guess I tend to think that those I am (or was) close to will always understand me.    And sadly, I have realized they dont.

I have learned the hard way (and it is STILL a “work in progress”) that communication is important…   esp with those in your uh, immediate circle.   It is not something I am very good at either.   I am just not good with words (verbally speaking of course!)   All I do know is failure to communicate can cause hurts that sometimes no band-aid can fix.  

Sometimes all it takes is a nice gesture, or a soft look, or a smile, or a hug, or anything that may brighten another person’s day.  A lot of people say “I LOVE YOU” and forget that words without action are meaningless.    (I did and I hurt the one person I loved most and didnt even realize I did it til it was too late).  And everybody needs to know someone cares. 

Its about looking outside the box (self) and seeing and appreciating whats around you.  And when you’re down in the dumps, and cant see the light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes all it takes is asking for help, instead of expecting it   (I think I might’ve forgot that too)…  

I am a strong believer in looking out for others.   I am a stronger believer in helping those that are unable to do for themselves.   (yes sometimes I can go overboard).    Its just that I care, about people.   And I want to see other people care too!

I want to see people work together without an ulterior motive, I want to see people try to do their best in anything that comes their way, I want to see people give from their hearts more often, I want to see people make the time for someone else, I want to see people not hurt others in any way.   I want to see people feel good about themselves….    and to still have compassion.    

And why shouldnt I?    All we really have in this world and in our lives is each other.  I see a lot of people going to jail/prison and think nothing of it – like its no different than someone else who is going to the grocery store!    And its sad!    Some people, I know may end up in places like that because theyre really struggling in life….   and they do wrong, hoping itll get them ahead.   It doesnt change the fact they did wrong, but it does make me think harder about why more people dont try to help one another get through the hard times?   

It goes back to those 3 little words….    you get angry at any form of deception, at any illegal act, at any parts of someone else taking the easy way out….    and you get angry cuz deep down you care.   So why not do something to make a difference?     No I realize everybody cant be helped (God knows, I know!).    So is it better to not help anyone then?      

We all talk about wanting the world to be a better place for our kids and families…     but it isnt.  It isnt getting any easier either.   People are so absorbed now (with reason) with keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table, that we’ve forgotten about being a family and supporting one another and encouraging each other.   It does NOT always have to come out of your pockets either!    Its just letting others know you care!

Kids now, when they come home from school, what do they have?    Jerry Springer?  And who is sleeping with who?    And Maury Povich running DNA tests on 2 or more men at a time to find out who the father of some baby really is?     Nice things for people to see…    and then we wonder why kids are the way they are?      I mean come on people, get real!   

Its not even the kids affected by it…     a lot of adults bring on the drama too into the households.    So where are we going to be in another 15 years or more?

All it takes is one person to get the ball rolling, to make changes and bring others to do the same.  

People really are predictable…    stop and think about it….      for any given situation, at least 7 out of 10 people will react pretty much the same way.   So do we just forget the 7?  Or just give up on the 3?     

Most people will make positive changes with the right support systems….      not by force, threat or intimidation…   just simple talking…      

Its easy to complain about life and the way it is….     anybody can do it, and anyone can feel sorry for themselves…   but it takes strength (and usually in numbers) to make a difference and to make changes.    All it takes is one person.     

Considering all the obstacles I have faced in life, and trust me, if you knew me, you’d know I really have had more than my share of troubles….     I have been told by the best I deserve a medal for all I have faced head-on.    I have been told by the best that I am a very strong person…        and I came out a lot better a person than anyone ever expected…      etc etc etc.   But it hasnt stopped me from caring.    

I care without expecting anything in return….     (okay I slipped once and am still paying for a sad heart that I have to live with)…    and to this day it hasnt stopped me from caring about others…     even those who have “wronged me” in the eyes of society.    It doesnt stop me from paying a bill for em, or from leaving a playpen on a doorstep I know is really needed without a note or being seen by anyone…    I dont do what I do for personal recognition, I do what I do because I care….    and if I was able, I’d do more….    I really would.  

I dont spend my time running my mouth…   I watch and I listen.  Some people I am around, I get along very well with and then there are others I avoid to avoid drama, or some kind of confrontation with someone who feels a need to prove themselves…      and what I give to one, I will give to another…     because everyone is the same to me.    We all need each other.   And I think people forget that a lot.   Just because you’re home and “there” every day, doesnt mean someone else in the same house doesnt need more than 5 minutes of your time.   And it doesnt have to be about yelling.    

If your child is bored, love them.    Watch a movie with them and talk about it when its over.  Play a simple game of checkers, or bowl on the Wii.    If your neighbor is sick, take them chicken soup.   If someone is struggling with paying a bill, take up a collection of donations among friends, family and neighbors.    If a single mom needs help (besides at Christmas) with providing clothes or school supplies, show up at her door with outfits (even if theyre from Goodwill) or school supplies you got from the dollar store.   Any act of kindness is always appreciated, never forgotten and even a little can make a huge difference in someone else’s world.

We all have our reasons to dislike others….     but underneath the tattoos, long beards, the trailers some live in, the nerds, the irresponsible, the weak minded, the poor, the dirt and filth, we are all the same… 

I recall me and my kids used to always make 2 separate Thanksgiving Dinners…    before we ate our own meal, we’d wrap a plate with turkey and all the trimmings (even a piece of pie) and one kid would hold plates, another would hold napkins, another plastic forks and knives and we’d drive around and find someone who was stuck working, or was wandering down the street and give em a holiday on us.

One year we did it for the police too….      because they left their families to be around for everyone else.    

If you saw me, you’d be shocked…    I’d be the one you would stare at, or avoid….     and yet if you were in trouble, I’d be the first one there to help.    TRUST THAT!

I have my problems now just like everyone else…    but it doesnt make me stop trying to do for someone else who really needs it or deserves a break.    

I am me.   And I care.    The world would be a much nicer place to be in, if more people did. All it takes is one person to make a difference.